It's the most wonderful time of the year...
How do we know? Because the Christmas TV ads are on from morning til night and I'm hearing myself humming carols around the house. I love everything about this time of year from decorating the tree to wrapping up the presents. But most of all it's that one chance in the year to really catch up with friends and family.

One of the other benefits of the holiday season is being able to turn off the mobile phone. If you're like me you probably can't function without it, but it is absolute bliss to be able to turn it off and just enjoy this time with loved ones.

We've certainly been feeling the love after our launch issue. We've had many messages of support and lots of emails from you praising our efforts. It seems you like our approach and this wonderful feedback has spurred us on to produce this beautiful winter edition. You'll find much to inspire in these pages - from gorgeous jewellery to fabulous food, our latest creation has much to offer.

We have a great photographic feature from self confessed Valleys fan, Meg Garczynsca. There's also a superb feature on Matt Powell, an immensely talented chef and forager from Nantymoel. I'm so proud to be able to introduce their particular talents to our readers. I'll never get tired of championing the Valleys' great and the good - our region has plenty to be proud of and, over the coming year, we intend to bring readers the very best the Valleys has to offer.

Wishing season's greetings and a very peaceful and prosperous new year to you all.

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts




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