Goodbye Winter and hello Spring. Hello to daffodils, warmer weather, Spring clothing and goosebump-free skin! Springtime is when we turn our attention to our homes, our gardens and our wardrobes and, in the pages of this issue of Valleys Life, we do our best to feature all three, and a whole lot more.

We take a look at Spring fashion and ideas for sprucing up your home. Whether it's new windows, blinds, a new bathroom, or perhaps a conservatory. There are lots of ideas to inspire you.

With Easter just around the corner, we have a whole raft of gift ideas with
a pretty floral theme which are sure to bring a smile to the ones you love.

We also take a look at existing businesses that are thriving and new business ventures. It really is an exciting time if you're feeling entrepreneurial.

Spring is a time of new beginnings and we're delighted to be introducing Vale Life's Wedding List, with ideas a plenty for your special day.

I hope you enjoy this issue and we'll see you again in the Summer!

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts



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